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My online name is madame-faith, but you can call me Mia. I'm a photoshop addict that loves to do photomanipulations. I am really enthusiastic about photography too. I just wish for a DSLR ^__^ I'm taking up BS Psychology, and no, I'm not a mindreader! (I just get that a lot) I love art, I like music. I choose based on lyrics most of the time.
I'd like to go back to my love of reading...because I miss it!Hmm... I'm here mostly for the icons and stuff. Although I don't make a lot of icons nowadays...
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Interests include: jpop, art, photography, photoshop, ART!, psychology, and my cat!. Dislikes: loud, irritating sounds >_>, the smell of cigarettes, liars, people who are plastic.
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