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New LJ account over at http://aburstofyellow.livejournal.com

I really haven't been taking care of this account, so I decided to create a new one. That one is pretty bare still, though. I'll be adding people up, but also feel free to add me up! :D

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Long title huh? ^__^

I created And Mia said at Blogger because of the stuff going on here at LiveJournal.


As much as I am in for a good cause, I do not fully understand what LiveJournal is or wants to do and what the effects of their actions will be. I hope someone can simplify it for me. When I see that it is worth it then I'll be a part of the strike as well.

On another note, I feel like I've set a comfort level for myself with Photoshop- with regards to design especially. Therefore I'll try to do CSS. As I look and study this it does give me an HTML feel. For those who don't know what CSS or HTML means, CSS is Cascading Style Sheet . If you have a Blogger and have found Blogskins, the code you use when putting in a new layout is an example of CSS. And I want to learn THAT! I know basic HTML (which is Hypertext Markup Language) which is used for the internet.

I'll be practicing with photoshop using different brushes and shapes. I'll update some more!

If anyone knows how to simplify CSS for me that would be great!

P.S.S -->is that even possible?
Let me know if you have another blog out somewhere and would like to be added to my links in my other blog.

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I have another home at And Mia said

No, I won't totally abandon this.

Yes, for us Filipinos the end of March up to April, or for others up to early June is our summer season. This means, NO SCHOOL. Unless, of course you are like me and will be taking up summer classes. My subject for this summer will be.... *drumbeat*


Try to "whee" for me. :D lol But then I've avoided chemistry for a year. I need to get on with it since I can't graduate without it.

I'm thinking about making some entries public, only some like this though where I do features.

As a treat, I decided to feature a couple of videos.

The Woman with 21 Accents

I first found about about her while watching the Today Show. Her name is Amy Walker, as you'll be able to know once you click 'play'. Check her out as she introduces herself in 21 accents.

Do you have a cat? Does your cat wake you up? See if your experience is the same as his.

Anyhoo~ I'll be resting for awhile. I'll have to enroll for summer classes, and I'm also looking for a summer job!

BTW, got a new Nokia 6680 phone- in yellow! XD

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Today as I went home early from BMA II lab, I was watching an episode of Rachel Ray and in a part of the show, she talked about this documentary called <i>Super Slim Me</i> done by a reporter from the UK who decided to do a documentary (like Super Size Me, except going to the opposite side) by going through 8 weeks eating the diet of a supermodel (at least that's how she described it).

She talked about the horrible (and horrible is an understatement) that she was depressed (she went through this during the Christmas season) and she had dark circles under her eyes and her posture had changed, like she had literally caved in.It's crazy that it is such a gruelling task to lose such weight, in different ways, and actually get PRAISED for it.

I agree with this fully though. I am strongly against starving myself (or anyone, for that matter) for the sake of losing weight. Dawn (the reporter) said during her interview in Rachel Ray, that a person has to find where her body belongs. She didn't reach size zero in 8 weeks, and she wasn't able to trim off 6 inches from her waist because of her bones. The extremes- being a size zero, and the other extreme which is being afraid of dieting that you just gorge, is just wrong. One must find a balance where your body belongs and accepts that.

Let me just include, it's not wrong to <i>lose weight</i>. Let's get something clear. Do it for health reasons, not for self-esteem or image reasons.

Rain- So in Love
by ~madame-faith on deviantART

Well, I'm a bit late at posting this here. But take a gander at this! I love it. It's so romantic :)

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Comment here, then I'll see if I can add you *evillaugh*

Haha, Milo is so cute there.

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